Zhixuan Yang 杨至轩

PhD student

Imperial College London

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I am most interested in understanding underlying mathematical and logical structures of programming and programming languages, and developing rigorous reasoning techniques that guide programmers to construct correct programs.

Towards these, my general research strategy is searching for recurring patterns in programming practice and abstracting them as formal systems such as type systems and logic systems.



  • During 2019–2020, I worked as a software engineer for Sourcebrella, Inc, a start-up company making commercial static program analysers, founded by Xiao Xiao.

My name Zhixuan, which is the pinyin transcription of Chinese '至轩', is mysterious for non-Chinese speakers. An approximation of its pronunciation in English is gee-shoe-enn. (If you are interested in the exact pronunciation, you can try command say -v Ting-Ting '至轩' to hear it if you are using a Mac.)

A nick name that I am happy to be called by is Shaun, which rhymes with the 'shoe-enn' part of my name.

Zhixuan Yang
Master's thesis, 2019
Zirun Zhu, Zhixuan Yang, Hsiang-Shang Ko, and Zhenjiang Hu
Zhixuan Yang, Chong Ruan, Caihua Li, Junfeng Hu
Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing, 2016
Wenlong Mou, Ni Sun, Junhao Zhang, Zhixuan Yang, Junfeng Hu
Workshop on Chinese Lexical Semantics, 2015